Amana refrigerator repair

Part of the powerhouse Whirlpool family, Amana refrigerators are known for their superb bottom-freezer models and their affordability. Sadly, even the most dependable refrigerators need a little help sometimes. And when important appliances break down, you want to turn to the most experienced, high-quality Amana refrigerator repair services in San Francisco. We’re here to help you bring your refrigerator back to life, whether that involves giving you tips for maintenance or fixing high-tech components.

Top Tips for Maintenance

Use caution when you’re cleaning your fridge or performing maintenance on it. Refrigerators have high-voltage electricity that can be dangerous, so unplug your unit or take other measures as recommended in your owner’s manual. Here are some quick, easy ways to avoid long-term Amana refrigerator problems

  •  Clean spills as soon as they happen so food doesn’t have a chance to build-up or block airflow passages.
  •  Your door seals are vital to maintaining a safe temperature in your fridge, so wipe down the rubber seals, remove any buildup and wash the edges of your refrigerator where the rubber meets the fridge.
  • Pull your refrigerator away from the wall, check all the cords and tubes, vacuuming away any dust or dirt. Don’t remove any covers or grilles, unless your owner’s manual recommends it.

Amana Refrigerator Troubleshooting

Water dispenser leaks, failing ice makers and fridges that aren’t cooling correctly are sometimes easily fixed just by reviewing your owner’s manual and following its suggestions for troubleshooting Amana fridge problems. On the other hand, all of those symptoms can be a result of more complex issues that need the hand of qualified repair technicians. If your fridge still isn’t functioning correctly after you’ve reviewed all your manual’s steps, it’s time to enlist the help of one of San Francisco’s most trusted Amana refrigerator service companies.

Service Excellence

With years of experience in servicing refrigerators and troubleshooting Amana fridge problems, our company is dedicated to providing top-notch repairs. Our commitment to first-rate service includes employing highly trained repair technicians who use only the best caliber Amana refrigerator parts. We vow to deliver the kind of service you deserve:
quick response to calls, on-time service, honest communication, accurate diagnoses, dependable estimates and skilled repairs.
Amana refrigerator problems don’t have to derail your life and disrupt your schedule. We’ve been the trusted San Francisco refrigerator repair service for more than a dozen years, and we welcome the opportunity to restore your refrigerator’s efficiency.
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