Big chill refrigerator repair

Known for their impeccable blend of vintage refrigerator design with high-tech, high-end performance, Big Chill refrigerators are beloved for their retro, mid-century style and precise function. New to the Big Chill family is its Pro Line refrigerators that incorporate professional refrigerator details into bold, streamlined appliances. A favorite of designers, television chefs and celebrities, Big Chill refrigerators are reliable appliances with a good reputation for value. Even so, refrigerators are heavily used, and they sometimes require extra maintenance and servicing by a professional San Francisco Big Chill refrigerator repair company.

Tips for Your Refrigerator

Whether you own the retro version of the Big Chill appliance or the elite Pro Line refrigerator, there are a few things you can do to keep your fridge running well. Keep in mind that refrigerators involve large electrical currents, so be sure to unplug your unit before performing maintenance, and follow your owner’s manual for safety and care guidelines.

  • A clean fridge allows the proper airflow through the refrigerator’s interior, so clean any spills or fallen crumbs as soon as you notice them to prevent food from clogging any air vents.
  • Ensure a tight seal around your refrigerator door by wiping down the rubber door gaskets every few months. Food bits, crumbs and spills can build-up in the rubber gasket grooves, which can impair the seal.
  • Keep condenser coils dust-free and vacuum the back of the refrigerator, checking for frayed cords and brittle hoses. If you see frayed or brittle parts, call your experienced San Francisco Chill fridge repair technician right away.

Pro and Vintage Refrigerator Repair

When maintenance and basic troubleshooting isn’t enough to get your refrigerator running, it’s time to call a qualified, licensed repair service that you trust. We use top-caliber Big Chill refrigerator parts so you can enjoy a refrigerator that is restored to its full efficiency.

Service Excellence

Our first-rate repair services and responsive refrigerator technicians have earned our company the trust of many San Francisco residents. Our service professionals maintain their extensive repair skills with ongoing training so they are always ready to handle vintage and state-of-the-art appliance repairs. We treat our customers as we would like to be treated, providing quick responses to your calls, arriving on-time for appointments, diagnosing problems accurately and delivering meticulous repairs. That’s the service excellence you can expect from our firm, and it’s the service that will keep your refrigerator running for years to come.


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