Frigidaire refrigerator repair

High-quality Frigidaire appliances are known for their dependability and innovative features. Part of the giant Electrolux family of brands, Frigidaire refrigerators are found in millions of homes around the world. Even though Frigidaire units are very reliable and perform well, there will undoubtedly be maintenance and servicing needs over the course of a refrigerator’s lifespan. When that happens, we’ve got the licensed and knowledgeable Frigidaire refrigerator repair technicians you need to restore your refrigerator to its full usefulness.

Tips for Your Fridge

Prevention and maintenance can preserve your refrigerator’s efficiency, and it doesn’t take a lot of time or ability. Be sure to disconnect the electrical cord before handling any maintenance duties, though, since refrigerators involve powerful and sometimes dangerous electrical currents. Check your owner’s manual for additional tips and safety guidelines for working on your refrigerator.

  • It’s important to clean up spills inside your fridge as soon as you notice them to prevent fluids and food from blocking important air vents. Keeping those airflow passages open allows your fridge to maintain its optimum temperature and preserve your food’s freshness.
  • Every few months, wash the rubber door seals to make sure they are able to form a tight seal around your fridge openings.
  • To keep your water dispenser fresh, change filters as soon as the indicator light is illuminated.
  • Every couple of months, check around your fridge and vacuum dust from the back cords and hoses. As you do this, look for cracked or punctured hoses and frayed cords. If hoses or cords appear worn, call your trusted San Francisco refrigerator repair company right away.

Frigidaire Refrigerator Troubleshooting

Occasionally, your refrigerator’s needs may go beyond the troubleshooting tips included in your Frigidaire refrigerator repair manual. And, when that happens, our knowledgeable and experienced repair professionals are ready to help. The appliance line’s many state-of-the-art technologies and precision systems require the best Frigidaire refrigerator parts available, and that’s what we’ll use to bring your refrigerator back to life.

Service Excellence

We are proud to deliver highly responsive service and top-notch repair expertise to our San Francisco customers. With our specialty in all brands of refrigerators, we are dedicated to promptly responding to your questions and needs, providing accurate fridge repair estimates and executing on-time, on-schedule repairs. We’re honored you’ve placed your trust in us, and we’ll work diligently to earn your respect and loyalty with every single repair and service call.
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