Jenn-Air refrigerator repair

Jenn-Air, part of the Whirlpool family of brands, has a decades-long reputation for innovation in design and technology. It continues that cutting-edge spirit today with refrigerators featuring obsidian interiors, under-counter refrigerator drawers and precision temperature management systems. Whether you own a side-by-side refrigerator, a French-door model or a top-freezer fridge, you’ll want to protect your investment by taking care of your appliance and calling in expert San Francisco refrigerator assistance when it needs special attention.

Do-It-Yourself Tips

Your Jenn-Air refrigerator manual offers a number of recommended maintenance tips for your refrigerator. Following those recommendations can help you keep your refrigerator humming along and avoid long-term problems. But, before you do anything, be sure to follow your manual’s safety guidelines and unplug your refrigerator to keep yourself safe from your refrigerator’s considerable electrical current.

  • A clean fridge keeps the cold air in your unit moving as it should, so clean up spills or other items that could block air vents.
  • Vacuum condenser coils and the backside of your refrigerator. Watch for cords that look frayed, hoses that are kinked or have punctures or plastic parts that look brittle. Call an experienced San Francisco Jenn-Air refrigerator repair company if you see any of those conditions.
  • Change water filters as directed and occasionally clean out your ice dispensing chute.
  • Keep your freezer full to maximize its temperature efficiency.

Troubleshooting Jenn-Air Refrigerator Problems

Unusual noises, improper temperatures, unexplained leaks and other unusual symptoms should be addressed by a trusted, licensed San Francisco refrigerator repair company. While those symptoms may be caused by small issues, they might also be signalling larger, more complex problems. Scheduling expert service can help you take care of those issues as quickly as possible.

Service Excellence

We are proud to have the respect and loyalty of our San Francisco area customers, and we are dedicated to renewing that reputation every day. We use only quality Jenn-Air refrigerator parts to maximize your appliance’s efficiency. We respond promptly to your questions and requests for service. We arrive at your home or office on-time and as scheduled. We offer accurate, reliable estimates and diagnoses. We communicate honestly with you about what your appliance needs and how we plan to repair it. And, we deliver expertise and experience in every single repair job. That’s our commitment to providing you with top-notch Jenn-Air refrigerator service excellence.


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