LG refrigerator repair

State-of-the-art refrigerators are increasingly the norm, and LG refrigerators are no exception. From award-winning mega capacity door-in-door models to a refrigerator that will even text you a selfie of its contents when you’re at the grocery store, these LG models are valued for their efficiency and innovative use of technology. But, with all of these cutting-edge features and intense daily usage demands, things can occasionally go wrong.

Tips for Your LG

One of the best ways to head off problems before they occur is to keep your refrigerator running at top efficiency. Remember, though, that your refrigerator carries a large electrical current, so turn off the power source before you attempt any handling or checking of mechanical components.

  • Routinely clean the rubber door gaskets to ensure a good seal when the doors are closed, and be sure to wipe down the areas where the seal touches the refrigerator. LG’s popular door-in-door models are great for letting you access your family’s most commonly used items, but don’t forget to wipe around the extra door’s edges and check its magnetic seal for a tight fit.
  • Before you clean the interior of your unit, be sure to turn off the motor so it doesn’t run continuously during cleaning. Your interior and shelves can be wiped down with a solution of warm water and gentle dish soap.
  • Remember to change your LG refrigerator filters every three to six months for water that is fresh and clean-tasting.
  • A couple of times a year, check your refrigerator coils to make sure dust and debris isn’t built up. They can be cleaned with a soft brush or gentle vacuuming.


LG refrigerator problems don’t always require big fixes, but it’s important to address them right away. Your owner’s manual offers a few troubleshooting suggestions, but with all of the complicated electronic, mechanical and cutting-edge LG refrigerator parts, it’s best to call in San Francisco refrigerator service professionals to handle your LG fridge repair. For instance, is your LG refrigerator not cooling to the temperature you set? That could be caused by something as simple as a door left ajar too long to something as complicated as a failed control board.

Quality Service

Our technicians have the expertise and experience to perform the highest quality LG refrigerator repair in the area. That means that you can enjoy a fully functional refrigerator with as little hassle as possible. We use top-caliber parts, offer quick response to service calls, and we are licensed and certified to ensure you receive the most knowledgeable and attentive service in the San Francisco area.
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