Samsung refrigerator repair

Samsung makes many top-rated appliances, and we provide Samsung refrigerator repair in San Francisco for all lines and models. Schedule An Appointment Now! With one of the most reliable side-by-side refrigerators on the market today, Samsung refrigerators are in millions of American homes. From its newest Chef Collection refrigerator featuring innovative metal cooling technology, three evaporators and two compressors to its ultra-high capacity models, these appliances are state-of-the-art. Unfortunately, like many other refrigerators, Samsung units occasionally break down or need servicing to stay at top efficiency.

Tips for Maintaining Your Fridge

While your refrigerator may be full of high-tech gadgetry and features, it’s not completely maintenance-free. Taking a few minutes a few times a year to look over your refrigerator can often prevent long-term problems and ensure that you’re getting the most energy-efficiency out of your refrigerator. Before you check any of your refrigerator’s components, though, first disconnect its electricity. Refrigerators carry high loads of power that can be dangerous, so unplug it or follow other power recommendations included in your owner’s manual.

  •  Clean your fridge, wiping down shelves and making sure your air vents and rubber door seals are free of food and water build-up.
  •  If you have a filtered water dispenser, be sure to change your Samsung fridge filter as recommended in your manual or according to special indicator lights.
  • Vacuum the back of the refrigerator and all cords to eliminate dust build-up, but do not remove the back cover
  • Check the refrigerator’s positioning to make sure it hasn’t scooted too close to the wall and that items haven’t fallen between the appliance and the walls and cabinetry.

Samsung Refrigerator Repair

Sometimes, preventative measures aren’t enough to avoid refrigerator breakdowns. That’s why we offer high-quality Samsung refrigerator service using top-caliber Samsung refrigerator parts. Whether your refrigerator is filled with innovative technology or it’s a typical energy-efficient model, our San Francisco service professionals are well-equipped and trained to provide first-rate diagnoses and repairs.

Service Excellence

We understand that you want to protect your refrigerator investment and are concerned about your potential Samsung refrigerator repair costs. It’s our mission to diagnose your issues correctly and provide repairs that are appropriate and dependable so you don’t incur any extra expenses or lost refrigerator time. We pride ourselves on providing our San Francisco customers with the type of service we would expect in our own homes: on-time service, honest communication, reliable estimates and attentive follow-through. That’s our commitment of service excellence and value. If you have a Samsung refrigerator that needs service or repair, give us a call. We are always happy to hear from you.


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