Thermador refrigerator repair

Luxury Thermador refrigerators are part of the Bosch family of high-end appliance brands, offering its award-winning Freedom line and a wide variety of other side-by-side, French-door and bottom-freezer models. Whether your Thermador is brand new or an old workhorse, you can protect the quality of your home’s refrigerator by performing regular maintenance and calling in the local San Francisco Thermador refrigerator repair experts when there are problems.

Preventing Thermador Refrigerator Problems

Regular maintenance is a good way to prevent issues with your refrigerator and an excellent method of spotting potential problems. Follow your owner’s manual guidelines, and unplug your unit before performing any work on your refrigerator. Like many large home appliances, refrigerators carry large loads of electricity, so it’s important to disconnect the power source and follow your manual’s safety guidelines. But, for most refrigerators, it’s important that you get to know your appliance, and follow a few, simple tips:

  • Keep air vents and airflow passages clear by wiping up any spills or debris build-up as soon as you notice them.
  • Pull your refrigerator away from the wall, if you can, and vacuum the condenser coils, the backside of the fridge and all of the cords, hoses and lines at the back. Inspect the connections, looking for frayed cords or brittle, punctured hoses. If you find any frayed or brittle pieces, call a licensed San Francisco repair firm
  • Three or four times a year, check the doors’ rubber seals, wiping away any debris or build-up that might hamper the door seals.

Troubleshooting Thermador Fridges

Your manual provides you with troubleshooting advice, but with all of the Thermador’s high-tech and high-end features, it may be best to have your unit inspected by an expert. Many issues can have multiple causes, and you want to catch them all as soon as possible. We have years of experience with Thermadore refrigerator parts and systems, and we understand what parts and techniques are needed to restore your fridge to its optimum efficiency.

Service Excellence

San Francisco residents have entrusted us with their valuable Thermador refrigerators for many years, and we work everyday to continue to merit that loyalty. With more than a dozen years of expertise, knowledge and customer service-minded activities, we deliver prompt responses, reliable estimates, dependable diagnoses and on-time, accurate repairs. This value minimizes your long-term Thermador refrigerator costs by ensuring that your repairs will last for years to come.
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