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GE Fridge Repair Technician in SF

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Known for its reliability, affordability and plentiful mid-range options, General Electric is one of the top three refrigerator brands in the country. With the company’s focus on “ecomagination” and innovative new design, GE refrigerators are becoming infinitely more energy efficient and unique.

Like all major appliances, though, even GE refrigerators develop some problems through wear and tear, time and use. One of the most common problems GE refrigerator owners experience involves the refrigerator door gaskets. These rubber seals line the edges of the doors, tasked with forming a tight-fitting seal that keeps the cold air inside the unit and the warm room air out. When the gaskets can’t form that tight seal, a number of problems can result, from an inadequately cooled fresh compartment and warm freezer compartment to leaking. On side-by-side models, closing the door on one side will often cause the side with the bad gasket to pop open.

It’s not unusual for these rubber gaskets to deteriorate over time, especially if they aren’t cleaned routinely. Every so often though, a defective rubber seal can cause the door closure system to fail sooner than expected, prompting calls to qualified repair companies. Luckily, the solution may be as simple as replacing the door-sealing gasket, or as complex as replacing the entire door closure apparatus. An appliance that isn’t level may also cause or contribute to the problem, as can a fridge door with failing hinges.

Finding a skilled and qualified GE fridge repair technician in San Francisco is important, especially because you have an investment in both the appliance itself and the food it protects. Metro Appliance Repair understands all of the money you have on the line with a malfunctioning fridge and is quick to respond to calls for service. Metro’s experienced appliance repair technicians are extremely knowledgeable in GE fridges and can rapidly troubleshoot your refrigerator’s sealing issues. If you want quick, reliable repairs on these and other GE fridge issues, call Metro Appliance Repair today.