October 2015 - Refrigerator Repair Services in SF

Understanding Your Fridge’s Compressor

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Responsible for moving refrigerant through the refrigerator and pushing warm air out of the appliance through condenser coils, the refrigerator’s compressor is an important component. Since the compressor uses refrigerants, it must be repaired or replaced by an EPA-certified technician.

Here are a few signs that it’s time for refrigerator compressor repair in San Francisco:

A compressor that runs constantly without achieving the right refrigerator temperature is a sure sign that there’s a problem. When all systems are working correctly, your refrigerator’s temperature sensors trigger the compressor to stop when the ideal temperature is achieved. So, while compressors operate frequently throughout the day, they shouldn’t run continuously.

Unusual noises also often accompany compressor failure. There are a variety of components such as compressor fans and motors that will make off-putting noises as a result of their failure.

Unusual smells may also point to compressor failure. A burning oil smell, for instance, is common in compressors with broken bearings.

Compressors that click on and off repeatedly or trip the circuit breakers are also problematic. These symptoms can indicate a serious compressor overload problem, and you should call an expert out to check your refrigerator immediately.

Considering the key role compressors play in your refrigerator’s operation, it’s important to catch potential problems early. When in doubt, call on a knowledgeable expert to perform your refrigerator compressor repair in San Francisco.

Minimizing Refrigerator Repair Costs

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A broken refrigerator can wreak havoc, forcing consumers to find a way to safely store perishables while waiting for repairs. For many consumers, though, the biggest concern is the potential cost of fixing the refrigerator. Since the average refrigerator repair bill in the Bay Area is more than $300, that’s an understandable worry. Luckily, there are a few steps consumers can take to minimize the cost of refrigerator repair in San Francisco.

Often, failing refrigerators are actually caused by loose electrical plugs and other easily fixed issues. If your fridge isn’t cooling properly, double-check that the plugs are tightly in their electrical sockets. Check that the fridge and freezer doors are shut completely, and give your fridge an hour or two to achieve its optimal temperature after you’ve loaded it with a large amount of new food. You can often avoid a repair call altogether simply by taking these little steps.

Make your refrigerator easily accessible to the repair technician. Tight spaces that require more time to navigate may increase your repair bill, so pull fridges out of tight spots if you can.

Check your refrigerator warranty to determine if any of its systems or parts are covered by the manufacturer. If so, call the manufacturer first to find an approved repair technician.

All California appliance repair companies are required to provide a written estimate of repair costs, but not all companies offer reliable initial estimates. Look for a company that is known for offering accurate and fair estimates of the cost of refrigerator repairs in San Francisco.